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Fan controller

Fan controller
Fan controller
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With our ToolControllers there is no need to transport high amp, high frequency pulses to your tools.

You just add power and low level signal wires.

By doing so we eliminate the EMC generated over long wires created by stepper motor drivers and other high power PWM signals.

Allowing you to comply with UL and CE standards.

Fully mountable to NEMA17 motor

Fan controller functions:

  • fan driver (or proxxon engraver)
  • control LED
  • works on 12V and 24V

Package includes:

  • Fan controller pcb
  • 1m of flatcable
  • flatcable connector

there is also a resistor network present to fool your electronics that your thermocouple input is at 21 degrees.

This is done so your firmware does not generate a "maxtemp triggerd" in case you mount an engraver.

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