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General features :

  • Stand alone operation from 19"touchscreen or your browser. 
  • Up to 4 tools simultaneously. Like extruders, mills, lasers, .....
  • 400°C extruders, 140°C  heatbed
  • lots of nozzle sizes
  • 1.75mm generic filament
  • filament spool holder incorporated
  • fume extraction and filtration unit (0.03µm) included
  • UPS (uninteruptable power supply) included




Safety features :

Our 3D machines are fully enclosed. This ensures:

  • no touching of moving parts
  • no touching of heated elements
  • active extraction of toxic fumes

As we are melting plastics, there will always be hazardous fumes present. Because of this we supply a fume extraction and filtration unit with all of our machines.


Emergency switch located at the front of the machine to comply with CE certificate (Machine Directive 2006/42/EC and ISO 13850:2015)





Material features :

A lot of times we get questions about what materials can be used on our machines. The simple answer is : every thermoplastic that melts under 400°C like PLA, Nylon, ABS, XT, PVA, and all of the other usual things. The challenging answer: we do not know.  As our machines are very adoptive to other techniques one can also print with chocolate or stem cells, or chocolate with stem cells if that is your craving.

Let us know what you want to print with and we will do our best to get you there.



Software features :

As slicing (CAM) software we use Cura. You can get reliable prints with only 4 settings, but for the profesional there are over 270 more settings.

As host software we use Octoprint. It is a browser based app that can be used everywhere, so if you are in Milan you can start your printer in New York. It also lets you make nice timelaps video`s.


Technical features :

The Cartesio has a double sided toolholder, for 4 electrically powered additive manufacturing tool and/or other tools. The Toolholder moves in X and Y direction, while the Z direction is a heated buildplatform of 450x225mm.






The Z-Axis heated buildplatform moves by three spindles and two linear slides connected on opposite sides by an endless timing belt. The belt is driven by a single NEMA23 stepper motor. The heaters on which the buildplatform glass plate is connected can be set by spring loaded screws, giving a very stable and always level platform. The buildplatform can be extended to a custom build volume.




The Y-Axis gantry moves on 2 linear bearing guides. It is driven by a single NEMA23 stepper motor with a prolonged axle. From each side of the axle a timing belt is connected to the gantry




The X-Axis (toolholder) moves at the gantry on 2 linear guides on the bottom and top. It is driven by a single NEMA23 stepper motor, which is not mounted on the gantry.





Because of this drive design we have a very large open space to our build platform for easy access to our objects.






For 3Dprint operation we have an automated printhead cleaner where the extruder cleans its nozzle before it start the printjob.






Dual contactless filament sensor to detect if you run out of filament and automatically pauses your print





Electronic features :

The Cartesio machines are power by a 24VDC/400W power supply that can have either 220 or 110 VAC input.



The mainboard is designed around the popular Arduino microprocessor boards. It supports the MEGA and DUE and uses a special updated marlin firmware.



The X, Y and Z axis stepper motors are driven by high power stepper motor drivers. With these drivers we can support a large variety of stepper motors up to 3Amps.

Graphic LCD


The user interface is a 19"touchscreen. The machine also has a graphic LCD display  for direct interfacing with the machine core and can be operated by a single rotating push dial. It makes sure that you are updated with all critical values of your machine at one glance. This includes all extruder temps, bed temp, fan and print speeds and progress of your current job.



The tools are controlled by tool controllers at the tool itself. With this we keep EMC to a bare minimum. The temperature is thermocouple controlled to ensure that the temperature that we set it to, is the actual temperature. The tool controllers have visible status LEDs. The extruder controller also has on/off controlled white LED lights to see what you are doing.




For the homing sensors we use our popular Hall-O magnetic sensors. This will ensure a high level of secure repeatability.








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