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As our machines are very open, not only open source but also open as in you can decide what kind of tool you want to use, the applications are limitless. never the less we will name a few :

Product design/prototyping

This is probably the most used application of all, as there is a wide degree of freedom to make you nice new prototypes. As a 3D representation on a computer screen lacks that 4th dimension of touch taste and smell, you want to have a physical prototype to show to your customers. Most of the time you want these prototypes to have multiple colors or materials, think hard and soft in 1 product.

We realise that most product designers are not technical CNC opperators, and as 3D printers are CNC machines these persons might want to go to:

Machining industry

The machining industry is the most sceptical of all towards 3D printing techniques. 3D printing is however a complementary means to the same end. What we see is that the machining industry has a lot of work and very little time. When someone wants a prototype, the lathes and mills usually have to stop their "normal" work to make a "1 of" prototype. And usually that 1st prototype is not exactly what the customer wants. How nice will it be for the machining industry to make a 3D printed prototype for this customer. The customer has a low cost prototype, and the machining industry can keep their machines producing the volumes they want.


Here the openess of our machines is most welcome. As the techniques are very new and most university hospitals are getting a better grip on what they can do with the techniques.

We curently have 3 ways of getting "products".

  • printing hard products for bone type structures or braces
  • printing scaffolding
  • positioning living cells

But also a combination of these techniques can be done. And as our machines are completely enclosed we can create a cleanroom temperature controlled environment.

If you have another application or want to experiment with something, please let us know

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